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ABT to Relaunch Blaze Content Platform

After years of experience in content strategy and technology leadership, Atlantic BT is proud to add a powerful new tool to our arsenal of expertise. We acquired Blaze’s automated content audit platform after using it to audit and analyze the web content for some of our top clients.


What Is Blaze?

This new content audit platform will be Atlantic BT’s first software-as-a-service, giving us a new and versatile way to empower our clients with digital content strategy. Blaze automates the process of crawling a web domain and sorting its pages into appropriate categories. The platform also makes it easy to share notes, insights, and ideas across a team with universal dashboards and communication tools.

Here’s a short video created by the Blaze team to explain how the platform works:

Blaze and Atlantic BT

Atlantic BT’s employees led the way in ABT acquiring Blaze, having relied on the platform for their content audit work for multiple clients. According to Senior Writer/Content Strategist Allan Maule:

“It’s a really stellar tool. When I’m reviewing a client’s existing content and webpages, Blaze makes it simple for me to assess everything a client has put out into the world, how well it’s gathering traffic, and share my notes on every relevant detail with the rest of my team. I’m looking forward to seeing how my programming colleagues make this tool even better.”

Atlantic BT’s developers are already at work adding new features and capabilities to Blaze, as well as improving the interface of the platform. Look for more details about these improvements later this year, with demos to begin in November.

“We could not be more excited to add Blaze to our digital solutions at Atlantic BT,” said ABT VP of Experience Eileen Allen, “Both current and future Blaze users have a lot to look forward to when we relaunch the platform.”

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