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ABT Launches Award-Winning Site for Training Industry

We are proud to announce the launch of the new As a trusted source of information on the business of learning, Training Industry, Inc. provides in-depth articles, videos, blogs, and other rich content on the latest business trends and technology for corporate training professionals.

When Training Industry developed the requirements for its new site, its leaders focused on ensuring the website would deliver the highest-quality user experience on all devices and create an environment that would make its original editorial content and resources easily navigated and useful to its audience. The new has already received a Gold Medal by the International Marcom Awards

The new interface of
The new interface of

What’s New for

Here’s how ABT designed the new with a stronger focus on empowering users both inside and outside the company:

  1. Created a new content platform for the Training Industry team on WordPress,  which provided substantially more control and agility for its content team in the development and publication of new articles and posts.
  2. Improved the site navigation and usability, making it easier for visitors to locate and engage with the content they want to find.
  3. Achieved a dramatic improvement in page load times by integrating the site with Amazon Web Services CloudFront. This CDN helped the new achieve a AA rating from GT Metrix.Performance Stat Improvements for Training Industry
  4. Optimized mobile performance using CloudFront to deliver faster loading on small screens. This includes “lazy-loading,” which makes the page only load images inside the viewport. Images below the viewport will not load until the user begins to scroll, speeding up load times.
  5. Enhanced user experience with custom code that displays calculated read time for each article (based on word count, images and inline content) and a dynamic progress bar measuring how far the reader has scrolled in a post.
  6. Updated the magazine section adapted from Training Industry Magazine; this section include featured article templates allowing admins to select multiple layouts and typography options to emulate the rich graphic layouts of Training Industry Magazine when articles are presented on the website.
  7. Implemented a more dynamic and flexible ad layout system that allows Training Industry admins to target ad zones based on custom terms, taxonomies and other properties.

As one of ABT’s longest client relationships, we are excited to help power the future of Training Industry with this new dynamic design for their site. Experience the new for yourself and let us know what you think.

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