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ABT Launches Quick Start Program for Cost-Effective Insight

Data-driven insight. This phrase shows up so often in B2B content marketing that it’s nearly a cliché. The phrase inspire images of a massive enterprise having an army of analysts dig into huge masses of data and then present 90-slide powerpoint presentations about the state of the market. In short, data-driven insight seems complex, expensive, and time-consuming. 

ABT aims to change that. Our new Quick Start programs make deep data-driven insight available to organizations of all sizes. From workshops to detailed reports, these 3-week programs give all our clients trustworthy and cost-effective digital insight at the right price for any company.

“We designed our Quick Start program to adopt our in-depth discovery process—which we’ve used for large clients like, Campbell University, and Global Knowledge—into a condensed and quick-to-execute format. It’s exciting to take our love of data analysis and make it more time- and cost-effective for all our clients.”
Eileen Allen, ABT Chief Marketing Officer

Here are previews of our first four Quick Start programs. Click each link for more information about how to begin.

The First Four ABT Quick Start Programs

Lean Website Discovery – Rapid insight to kickstart any digital project

Our Lean Discovery program delivers data-driven answers to strategic technology questions questions. Our experts will deliver quick, cohesive analysis and documentation of the challenges and possibilities you face with any new website project. This helps prevent costly mistakes in implementation and sets up your site to be more successful and reliable over the long term.

Application Portfolio Diagnostic – Deep report into your utilization of key business apps

Our Application Portfolio Diagnostic helps you assess the health of your organization’s application portfolio. Using this structured, objective mechanism for collecting user feedback about your application suite, we analyze the effectiveness, criticality, and utilization of each application in your business.

Digital Marketing Audit – Fast-action plan to analyze, execute, and evaluate digital campaigns

Our Digital Marketing Audit reveals ways to improve your tactics, reduce waste, and increase your return on investment for customer outreach. Our proprietary, multidisciplinary approach examines your marketing program from the ground up—providing a 180-day action plan to improve your bottom line.

eCommerce Launch on Shopify – Start your online store on an easy-to-manage platform

Our eCommerce Launch on Shopify is a streamlined process that gets online stores set up and ready to sell on an easy-to-manage platform. In addition to launching your online store, this program offers a long-term analytics and marketing plan to maximize conversions over time.

To keep in touch with our ongoing updates to the Quick Start program and other news from ABT, follow us on Twitter or sign up for our newsletter.

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