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ABT Entrepreneurial Award Winner!

In our first ever entrepreneurial award contest, ABT set out to honor a local entrepreneur who embodies the values we share:

  • Dedicated to serving the community
  • Hard-working
  • Compassionate
  • Respected
  • Optimistic
  • Creative
Jess Kahut from Headbands of Hope

We are proud to announce Jess Kahut is our winner. Jess is the founder of Headbands of Hope, an organization that makes headbands for young girls fighting cancer. She embodies both someone who guides her company based on her principles, while also being a consummate entrepreneur and inspiring entrepreneurship in others. Congratulations Jess!

Here are our other finalists for the ABT Entrepreneurial Award:

Abe Crystal, Ruzuku

  • As a co-founder of the online learning platform Ruzuku, Abe has provided support, optimism, and commitment to staff and consumers alike. Devoted to education and communication, Abe is a dedicated leader and mentor who takes time to give back to the entrepreneurial community.

Matt Kane, Precision Biosciences

  • Matt is the CEO and co-founder Precision Biosciences, the company behind the next generation of genome editing. Matt’s company now has the technology to cure cancer with ground-breaking gene therapies (while balancing a great culture and employing over 100 people in Durham).

Rich Brancaccio, Fokus Labs

  • Rich, a trained child psychologist, created a product that helps kids with attention issues called Re-vibe. Rich works tirelessly to help give back to students in Wake County and across the country by helping them improve their focus and concentration. He is also a proud father of two.

Nick Palmisciano, Ranger Up

  • Nick has always been the entrepreneur of the family—taking on huge projects like the movie “Range 15” and the documentary “Not Another War Story.” Nick’s probably best known as the founder of Ranger Up, an American apparel company that gives back to our veterans in so many ways. He is always willing to help those in need and go the extra mile to do what is right.



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