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ABT Announces Thirst for Knowledge Series

If you have a simple question, you can ask your smartphone and get 20 relevant answers. But what happens when your questions aren’t so simple? Sometimes you want more than a quick answer—you want knowledge, a nuanced, intelligent discussion of a complex topic with people you can trust. Ideally, over a good beer.

Register for the next Thirst for Knowledge on Content Strategy for Large Organizations.

This was the inspiration for Atlantic BT’s new teaching series: Thirst for Knowledge. Every month, Atlantic BT will host a casual seminar and discussion on essential topics and best practices for companies in the digital age. Each Thirst for Knowledge will include a short lightning talk from a local expert, followed by free food from our favorite food trucks and craft beer from our taps. As CMO Eileen Allen said:

“One of my favorite things about Atlantic BT is how we understand the human side of using technology. If people don’t understand how to actually use the tech they have, even the best platform in the world won’t do them much good. I’m excited to see how our Thirst for Knowledge events can bring people together to freely share what we’ve learned. This is community-building at its finest.”

The topic for our inaugural Thirst for Knowledge on August 24 is the human side of cybersecurity, entitled How to Secure Your Workforce without Ruining Their Lives. ABT’s Senior Business Strategist and Research Manager Randy Earl will lead a casual discussion of how to promote best practices in digital security without hurting the morale or agility of an organization. Earl emphasizes that this will be a laid-back lesson rather than a dry technical presentation:

“We’ll cover topics like two-factor authentication made easy and promoting mobile device security, but I want this talk to be as fun and entertaining as possible. Expect lots of memes and XKCD comics. I want this event to give our clients and contacts a worthwhile and enjoyable reason to leave work a bit early on a Thursday.”

Next Thirst for Knowledge – Sept 21

The security talk begins at 4:30pm, and will be followed at 5pm by free drinks and games in the ABT Level One Lounge, in addition to free food from the Only Burger food truck. To register for the event, visit the Thirst for Knowledge page.

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