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A Shootout, a Charity, and a LOT of Birds

ABT Wars Meets Angry Birds on Thirsty Thursday

Jump shot

Last Thursday, the Atlantic BT family gathered for an action-packed evening: the final battle of ABT Wars followed by a real-life version of Angry Birds for our two favorite charities.

Point leader Andrew Bartlett faced off against the Daniel Hooks, the last remaining survivor of ABT wars. After a furious back-and-forth competition with high-flying stunts and trick shots, Daniel Hooks defeated Andrew Bartlett in the final melee.


The devout Daniel Hooks promptly took a Tebow-esque knee in gratitude, then said:

“My goal in this shootout was simply to do something awesome before Bartlett overwhelmed me. That said, turtling up and waiting for him to make a mistake worked even better than I thought. It looks like slow and steady won this race.”

Once the two ABT Wars finalists exited the parking lot arena, the company cleared the space to set up for the company’s first ever Angry Birds IRL experience.


Using a ballista, Angry Bird beanies, and cut outs of members of our management team, players lined up to target the leaders of ABT with plush animals. Birds were chucked at Jon Jordan, Corey Brinkman and even the likes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The ballista was loaded with birds, targets went down, and Dave Dekker claimed victory with a total of 6500 points.

As Jon Jordan, who came in second place, said,

“Even though we started chucking birds at the very same time. Dekker’s score continued to climb. What can I say? The man is non-stop.”

However, the real high score was the $536 that was raised for our 2 favorite charities, The Molly Ann Gries Foundation and the GoFundMe site for Kendall King’s son, Lincoln.

Got a case of FOMO? There’s just one Thirsty Thursday left this year— on Sept 15.

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