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9 Nonprofit Videos of Inspiration You Cannot Miss

Call me biased, but what’s happening with Atlantic BT’s “Gives Back” $25,000 Mobile Grant Contest is too exciting to keep under wraps.
What started with an idea to elevate the discussion of mobile technology and the role it can play in bettering people’s lives has evolved into excellent examples  on the multitude of ways mobile technology, strategy and marketing can enhance outcomes.

Whether it be through delivering vital medical services to the under-served of  New York City, mobilizing advocates in support of childhood hunger issues, delivering educational and spiritual resources to those in rural areas affected by cancer or increasing fundraising capacity to bring more support to families affected by Autism – the mobile channel has the capacity to help  any organization become more efficient and more successful.

Vote Now For Your Favorite!

And then there were nine

No Kid Hungry
Autism Society of North Carolina
Project Renewal
Cornucopia Cancer Support Center
Ounce of Prevention Fund
Cat Adoption Team
Passage Home
California Coalition for Youth

Over 4,000 people have voted for 1 of 9 charity semi-finalists  from across the Country. These nonprofits each created a video showing how the Atlantic BT $25,000 mobile technology and marketing grant would help further their mission.  What we got just blew our minds!.

Road to the Final Four – Who will win the $25,000 Grant?

Atlantic BT will host a live pitch session and Google+ Hangout on July 12th.
Think “Shark Tank” meets TED Talks.  Fun, inspiring & quirky!

Care to attend?  Shoot me a line at Tonia(dot)Zampieri(at)AtlanticBT(dot)com

Take a couple moments to visit the voting page and poke around and share!  We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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