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Inspire Excellent Website Content From Your Brave Team

Editing existing website content and creating new pages is a crucial part of the web development process. It’s also something most clients tend to put off until the last minute. That’s unfortunate, because a large website might have dozens or hundreds of pages to fill. If content isn’t prepared when the rest of the site is ready to go live, it can significantly delay the launch.

If you’re an executive or business owner, the key to avoiding this problem is starting early and getting the help you need. In many cases, your managers and employees will be your top resource for writing new material. They know their departments, customers, and responsibilities better than anyone else.

We know how difficult it can be to persuade others to write web content in a timely manner. Here are 7 ways you can inspire your team to hit their keyboards and complete your website content on schedule. 

#1 Ask for Their Expertise

Let your team members know why they are so invaluable. Everyone likes to be appreciated. By appealing to their expertise, you are turning them into authorities in their field. They’ll feel more confident, rather than bogged down with extra busywork. 

#2 Start With a Few Easy Wins

You don’t have to ask your team to generate lots of website content all at once. Begin by giving them a few simple things to write. Once those “easy wins” are out-of-the-way, they’ll be more receptive to tackling larger content writing projects. Suddenly, writing doesn’t feel so scary anymore

#3 Trade Away Other Tasks

If your employees or managers are already overwhelmed with other tasks, it’s going to be hard for them to find the time to write. See if you can get some assistance from temps, other departments, or even outside vendors to help lessen the work load. That way, your team can concentrate on generating the pages you need.

#4 Provide a Template

Procrastination and writers block can be major obstacles to productivity (#truth). Help your employees avoid these harbingers of doom by giving them a template or example to follow. That way they’ll never start with a blank page and the panic that inevitably comes from not knowing how to proceed.

#5 Make it a Group Activity

Gather team members together to share and exchange ideas. That will help remove other distractions, and might encourage a more collaborative spirit. Additionally, most people find it easier to write with the help of others instead of living in Salinger isolation. 

#6 Try a Sprint

Sprints are common in the world of programming. They involve bringing lots of people together to work on a concentrated activity for a short period of time. In that same vein, you could hold a content writing sprint for one hour on a Friday afternoon. That could lead to you crossing dozens of pages or articles off your checklist.

#7 Take the Pressure Off

Make it easier for your employees to express themselves by letting them know you’ll run anything they write past an editor or proofreader. That could speed up the process, since they won’t have to worry about checking their own work so carefully. It could also make it easier for them to think creatively.

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