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Higher Education websites provide students, faculty, and users across their schools with critical information. However, many users struggle to access what they are looking for due to confusing navigation and chaotic data structure.

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Unlocking Success in Higher Education Web Development

Balance can be difficult to achieve with Higher Education web design. Students and staff have different objectives when browsing their school’s site, technology standards are continually changing, and there are multiple departments to manage. However, here at Atlantic BT, we welcome the challenges of Higher Ed projects.

Collaborating with Higher Ed professionals makes the experience even more worthwhile. A shared passion for an exemplary user experience will band any team together.

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Campbell University
Case Study
Haven Hottel

Atlantic BT worked in tandem with our marketing and communications team. Together, they looked for every opportunity to build commonalities across schools and programs in both content and design.

Assistant VP for Communications & Marketing  //  Campbell University

Higher Ed Resources

Continue learning about higher ed projects by downloading some of our free resources. Our case studies and guides use real-world examples and research to offer solutions.
How Atlantic BT Helps You

Making the Grade with Higher Education Web Design

User-Centered Platform

By working with students, faculty, and other stakeholders to create a user-focused strategy, we shape your Higher Ed website into an engaging platform.

Data-Driven Design

Universities and colleges must adapt to new analytical techniques. Our data-driven designs start with testing, validation, and iteration.

Streamlined Content Structure

Focusing on the user experience is key to developing an elite content strategy. We create a unique environment for you to plan, execute, and govern content fit for your diverse users and their specific needs.

Integrated Web Systems

Higher Ed clients often rely on Drupal as their content management system. Drupal allows personalized online experiences, ideal for multiple departments to establish themselves as individual entities under a united brand.

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