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Healthcare Web Design

The Path to Success in Healthcare

Our website designs and custom software development helps patients, doctors, and administrators access information with ease. Our Amazon Web Service cloud solutions are scalable and secure, keeping you in compliance with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations.

Whether your organization needs a new website, software development, or secure hosting, our team of experts are ready to jump in. With years of experience building custom solutions in the Healthcare industry, we will provide quality services to make your work easier.


How Atlantic BT Helps You

Expertise in Healthcare Web Design & Software

HIPAA Compliance

We partner with AWS to bring you all the benefits of cloud solutions – scalability, layered encryption, and compliance with industry regulations such as HIPAA. Patient confidentiality is a valuable necessity. Providing the protection it deserves is what we do best.

Responsive Structure

On-the-go users armed with smartphones are increasingly accessing websites mobily. The ability to make appointments, pay bills, or view updated information is now expected by consumers. We deliver mobile responsive websites users can count on.

Information Architecture

The art of organizing content relies solely on the personal needs of you and your patients. Easy to access information is critical for any website in the Healthcare industry. Resources must be strategically placed, allowing users to find what they need with simple navigation.

User Experience

Our user-discovery process allows us to create a website experience designed with their digital needs in mind. The result? An enjoyable and effective website. Your patients and staff will both benefit from a site that provides clear and simple access to vital information.

Partner With Us for Your Healthcare Project

Ready for modern web technology and a sharp, user-friendly design? We want to give you exactly that. Contact us to get started.



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Questions & Answers

What is a vCISO?
As companies undergo digital transformations and applications grow increasingly complex, security vulnerabilities increase as well. Virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISOs) became popular for companies that grew to a size where security could no longer be ignored, but hiring a CISO in-house wasn't feasible. You could also refer to a vCISO as a "Fractional CISO" or "CISO as a Service".
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What is web design and development?
People often lump web design and development together, so what's the difference? As the Internet has evolved, the skills required to produce a high quality website or web application have changed.
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What is JavaScript used for in web development?
Historically speaking, JavaScript was only commonly but sparingly used in web development. The multiple browsers in use at the time each supported different versions of JavaScript and were slow to render more complex Javascript.
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What is bootstrap in web development?
Bootstrap is a framework used in front-end development to save time, specifically for mobile-first development. It combines CSS and Javascript templates and libraries to speed up the development process.
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What is front end vs. back end development?
As web development evolved, it separated into logical specialization: front end web development and back end development. While back end development involves the server-side development, front end is the final rendering.
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How much does a digital strategy cost?
Here is a short answer: Digital strategy can be created internally or externally (with the help of outside partners). Internally, depending on how big your organization is and how transformative your strategy is, the costs could vary greatly.
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How do I improve my digital strategy?
The first step to improving your digital strategy is understanding what’s not working with your current digital strategy. Are you not hitting your new customer acquisition goals? Revenue by customer?
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