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Connecting Governments With Their Citizens

Government Web Design

How Government and Municipal Sites Can Succeed

Many government websites struggle to communicate digitally. They often miss the mark on mobile-friendliness, release information without educating users, and lack basic accessibility.

Atlantic BT tackles these challenges head-on with mobile responsive design, detailed user research, and secure solutions that are in compliance with government regulations.


How Atlantic BT Helps You

The Foundations of Government Website Projects

Content Management

When your website runs solely on up-to-date, real time content, you may find yourself mired in words, words, words. Committing to our content management tools will empower your employees to take control of new and existing content in an organized fashion.

Citizen-Centric Experience

We have an entire team dedicated solely to user discovery and research. It’s important to thoroughly understand existing pain points and desired features for your government website. Armed with data and insights, we’re able to effectively map the ideal experience for your citizens.

Structured Information

We collate content with rich search capabilities and taxonomy testing so users can seamlessly find what they need. We rely heavily on tree testing to verify site structure and evaluate content hierarchy.

Responsive Design

Over 77% of Americans own a smartphone. Yet, according to Google, only 16% of websites are mobile friendly. The mobile experience can and should be just as enjoyable as the desktop experience.

Exclusive Content Just For You

Atlantic BT has partnered with many different government agencies to build websites. See how we achieved success with a client or learn more about how you can master the most complex web projects.

Partner With Us for Your Government Project

Ready for modern web technology, enhanced security, and a user-friendly design for citizens? We want to give you exactly that. Contact us to get started.



Atlantic BT's Insights

We’re sharing the latest concepts in tech, design, and software development. Learn more about our findings.

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