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For marketing directors, product owners, and anyone interested in planning a successful web application project.

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In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to define scope for a large project.
  • How to properly schedule resources.
  • How to avoid costly pitfalls.

Prevent Failure – Learn from Our Experiences

Have you ever participated in a project that delivered lackluster results, did not meet expectations, went over budget, took longer than expected, or outright failed? These types of project issues stem from a lack of proper definition, scoping, planning, and organizational preparation.

At Atlantic BT, we found ourselves seeing the same challenges, answering the same questions, and making the same recommendations repeatedly. Most clients come to us because they aren’t experienced in managing complex web projects. And since we’ve been developing custom web applications for over 20 years, we wanted to share our proprietary (but not secret) process to help you.

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