The Connected, Social, and Mobile Manifesto

CoSoMo Manifesto Graphic on Atlantic BT Blog

The New ClueTrain

If you’ve read The Cluetrain Manifesto you remember its shock and awe. The team who wrote Cluetrain pulled no punches speaking hard evolving truths into an unsuspecting group of old school marketing and sales pros.

Cluetrain declared an END to a difficult idea for sellers to loose – that we (consumers) should LOVE you unconditionally and unilaterally is a nonstarter in a world of abundance where every need is met. NOW, more than 20 years later, feels like a good time for a new manifesto.

The Connected, Social and Mobile Manifesto

Dear Companies, Brands and Advertisers,

We are Connected, Social and Mobile (CoSoMo) people whose hearts and minds you must win. Today is different than yesterday. We have everything we need from people we trust. Our needs are satisfied by reliable quality, easy access and, in some cases, years of reliable experience and support.

Greatness is the cost of becoming part of our lives.

If your brand, product or service is attempting to substitute for one we’ve used for years STOP. Reverse course because replacement for some incremental gain benefiting YOU is a nonstarter. We only advocate people, places and things we LOVE.

Greatness means solving real problems in innovative ways, sharing stories and being open in more ways than one. Don’t assume because your brand is a clean slate we will care or form the allegiance scale requires.

Make no mistake. Allegiance is required. If your story can’t or won’t become OUR story then we won’t care. Your grand plans will disappear and fail. Without our ongoing love and support your passion can exist but can’t do what is most important – replicate. We control replication.

We are aware of your desire to win our hearts and minds.

We are sophisticated and wary. We have a thousand ways to know and learn about you. We know how to parse information on your company, product and service in ways you may never fully grasp or appreciate. You have as many ways to know and get to know us and this is as it should be.

Most Powerful Weapon graphic on Atlantic BT Blog We demand equal footing, an honest, calm conversation and transparent authenticity. We are willing to pay with our most valuable non-renewable resource – time. Any time “grant” made must be met with appreciation and respect. Disrespect any disrespects all. Disrespect and we remove advocacy, support and money.

Disrespect us enough and we will rise up to make you, your company, brand, product, service or advertising our collective cause (and not in a good way). We won’t bully nor will we be bullied.

We are connected and POWERFUL beyond your wildest dream.

We want simple things well within easy reach. We want your company to care about our relationship. We want you, your company, brands, products and serves to embrace and shepherd the world. We require stories, care and love.

We can’t tell you how to be great, but we know greatness when we see, feel and purchase it. When we stumble upon greatness then your cause, if you are the accidental greatness, becomes our cause. We will promote to millions in seconds.

We are powerful and capable. We form sentient mobs and loyal tribes. Our weapons and toys of choice are smart phones and pads capable of collapsing space and time. If your story, support and service win us we are all in. We stand on the tallest ladder and shout praise even as our friends and friends of friends do the same. Reach us, win our hearts and minds, and you win the world.

Win one to win all. Betray one and betray all.

If your plans call for a human wave of regret as you pound one-sided messages AT us we will move away, turn off and tune out. If you persist we will share your, “Who Cares, Not US” stance to friends and friends of friends. Persist still and we are sure to share your inability to listen, care and love.

We will do a lot of things together. You may teach as we share. You may listen and learn. The nature of our Connected, Social and Mobile world is we are stronger TOGETHER than apart.

In our CoSoMo times collaboration is more valuable than gold.

CoSoMo means you understand the rules associated with our new game. Collaborations start as conversations. Conversations become relationships. Relationships, with the right care and love, become advocacy and love.

While our “needs” are fully and reasonably met, our desires and aspirations remain in SEARCH mode. Speak to our hearts, minds, desires and aspirations and you may win our most precious gift – time. If you are lucky enough to win the TIME lottery you earn the right to continue a conversation that ends in mutual respect and admiration.

Approach THIS time as if it is the OLD TIME and you will lose.

Cluetrain Manifesto bookASK without GIVE and you will lose. Take a moment of our gift (of time) for granted and you will lose. Protect our time as if it was yours, listen more than you talk, share failure as well as success, do the right thing if only because doing the right thing is increasingly the right thing to do and share your unvarnished SELF creates a good start.

We search for YOU if, and only if, you care more about our aspirations and dreams than your own. Even better when your passion, aspirations and dreams are aligned to help us find, connect with or realize our dreams and aspirations LOVE is easy to establish and maintain. Arriving to this new and shared destination means we get to drive YOUR car every now and again even as we extend the same privilege.

Our expectation and new Golden Rule, “Due Unto Others BETTER Than You Expect To Be Done Unto” should rule your process, communication and behavior. Understand, live by and proclaim this simple motto and your goals, dreams and aspirations become ours.

Thank you for your hard work. We are in this crazy LIFE together and look forward to our collaborative Connected, Social and Mobile future.

Your aspirational and loving CoSoMo customer,