SEO and Data: Secret Internet Marketing Implications

Secret Internet Marketing Implications Google PageRank Diagram

MY Becomes OURS

Social media is transforming what I did in 1999.  When I wrote the HTML for (now RIP), the page was a beautiful flat table. Feels like there is a different THING going on now.

Read SEO and Data Got a Thing Going On (ScentTrail Marketing)

I wrote “SEO and Data” on Saturday while listening to Marvin Gaye. It felt like secrets fell from Marvin out through my fingers. The “Secret Internet Marketing Implications” I found include:

  • Testing Culture Is a Must.
  • The First to Figure out How to Do More with Less Wins.
  • The More Content You Write, the More “Local” It Becomes.
  • We Are All Rebel Disruptors Now.

Testing and Internet Marketing: Test More

If you asked me for the single tactic we used when I was a Director of Testing Culture Quiz on Atlantic BT graphic Ecommerce to make over $30M in online sales across more than 600,000 transactions, TESTING would be my single word answer. “SEO and Data Got a Thing Going On” has a funny testing story I won’t repeat here, but you must become a “testing culture.” Take our Testing Culture Quiz to find out if you are good to go.

Internet Marketing: Do More with Less to Win

Internet marketing teams should be small and scrappy. You NEVER want to give an Internet marketing team all they ask for, because it takes the fight out of them. Keep your Internet marketing team on a short leash and they’ll use creativity to bridge the gap between what they have and where they need to go.

The ONLY exception to this rule is NEVER spend less on your web marketing team and campaigns than your most aggressive competitor. I suggest spending about 10% more than your competitor if you are ahead, and 20% to 50% more if you are behind (use SpyFu to know their spend). Ahead, in this context, means ONLINE, not in the real world.

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Internet Marketing: Content More Local, the More You Create

“More Local” in this context means more micro rather than more near you, but geographic location could apply too. One thing is clear from mobile search: We need new data dimensions. As Google gets smarter about where you are and what you want, having BREAKFAST information large and in charge if you serve breakfast is going to be important. This idea of how DATA is going to need to change to feed the future deserves a longer post (watch this space).

Internet Marketing Rebel Disruptors on Atlantic BT Internet Marketing: An Army of Rebel Disruptors

Even if you own a market, you must think like a rebel force. The minute you sit down for a quiet lunch in the shade, someone is going to disrupt you, so make sure some elements of your team are dedicated to discovering and implementing the new things, the crazy things and the ROI-questionable things. Internet marketing is always changing. The way you stay on top is to stay hungry, resist the temptation to automatically judge new things as “silly” or “stupid,” and always be open to crazy fools like me (lol).

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Image at top of this post is a graphical representation of Google’s PageRank algorithm from Wikipedia.