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Penguin 2.0 on Atlantic BT

Bad Links HURT

My ScentTrail Marketing blog was stumbling around in 2007 and 2008. Blog taxonomy is a pain. The default calendar archive isn’t helpful to visitors who want categories and top posts. The lack of a “readers who read, also like” function also creates one and done interactions.

One and done interactions, when a visitor reads a single post and leaves, can hurt since time on site suffers. In an attempt to shore up ScentTrail I did some internal linking. BAD IDEA in a Penguin, “It’s all about the links,” world. Here is pain that 2008 decision just created:

ScentTrail Marketing Panguin Tool example image

My fault as the Panguin Tool demonstrates I need to clean out my internal spammy links fast. If you find posts on ScentTrail Marketing helpful please toss my little blog some LINK and LIKE love. If readers help with links and I get rid of internal links ScentTrail Marketing will bounce back. Good thing I don’t depend on ScentTrail to help pay the bills. ScentTrial Marketing is almost up to $100 from Google Adwords clicks. I donate anything the blog makes to my Story of Cancer Foundation and that $100 has been the hardest I’ve ever earned when you consider there are about 500,000 words on the blog (lol).

The RemoveEM tool created to help remove bad links by friends at Virante is another helpful tool to fix a Penguin 2.0 smackdown.

What about your website? How did you make out last week?

If your website or blog is mission critical might be a good time for an Atlantic BT SEO Panda and Penguin AUDIT. If you had a big OUCH last week too, call us at: 919.518.0670

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