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Atlantic BT Testing Culture Quiz

Does Your Company Have a Testing Culture?

What Is a Testing Culture?

The Internet may be the most magical abacus ever created. Everything is mathematical and so every graphic, headline and offer can be tested. The infinity of options forces true testing cultures to think strategically. Just because you can do a test, doesn’t mean it is the right test to do. Testing cultures weave testing into their Internet marketing’s DNA. They don’t create without research and wouldn’t think of launching without a defined testing strategy and clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to define success.

If you don’t think you have a testing culture, you probably don’t. You are not alone. Forrester reported that only 13% of companies responding to their 2011 survey reported they test well. How do you become a great testing culture? We will leave our testing tips, secrets and ideas for our next post in this series.

Take our Testing Culture Quiz to see if your culture is ready for the strange mix of art and science Web 3.0 will require.

Atlantic BT’s Testing Culture Quiz

1. Keyword Research – If your company starts marketing initiatives with keyword research or includes keyword research at an early stage, then score 1 below.

  • Some keyword research scores 0
  • No keyword research scores -1

Keyword Research Score: _______

2. HIPPO – If you make changes to your website due to HIPPO (Highest Paid Person in the Room) less than 20% of the time, then score 1 below.

  • From 21% to 60% scores 0
  • 61% or more scores -1

HIPPO Score: _______

3. Google Analytics – If you have a weekly Google Analytics Summary circulated throughout your company, score 1 below.

  • Senior Executives Only scores 0
  • Line Personnel Only scores -1

GA Score: _______

4. Tools – If you use CoreMetrics, Adobe Test and Target, Optimizely, Monetate, Visual Website Optimizer, SiteSpect, or another advanced analytic tool in addition to Google Analytics, score 1 below.

  • Only Goggle Analytics scores 0
  • No GA or other analytics tools scores -1

Tools Score: _______

5. Titles – If you have at least 2 people with Analyst or some other Quant-like title or have at least 1 Google Analytics certified person per every 50 people in marketing, score 1 below.

  • Only 1 Quant-like title/person score 0
  • No Quant-like title or person scores -1

Titles Score: _______

6. Excel Wizard – If you have one or more Excel wizards (able to use macros, can do pivot tables in sleep, and have been using Excel for 5 or more years), score 1 below.

  • Solid Excel but no wizards score 0
  • Little Excel expertise in house score -1

Titles Score: _______

7. If you’ve ever conducted true Multivariate Testing (MVT) testing where every creative option is put through a regression analysis across all options to mathematically determine a winner, score 1 below.

  • Know what MVT Testing is but never done it scores 0
  • Don’t know what MVT Testing is scores -1

MVT Score: _______

8. Social Score – If your G+, Facebook and Twitter Followers/Likes are all 100 or greater, score 1 below.

  • If your followers are more in the 51 to 99 range, score 0
  • If your followers are 49 or less, score -1

Social Score: _______

9. Advanced Metrics – If you know either your LTV (Lifetime Value) per customer OR your profitability by customer, either at class or individual level, then score 1 below.

  • If you have ONE but not the other, score 0
  • If you have neither, score -1

Advanced Metrics Score: _______

10. Data – If your data warehouse or ad hoc database has records from more than one system (financial, ERP, customer, marketing, web) commingled, and departments other than IT can create reports, score 1 below.

  • Co-mingle data but IT has to create reports scores 0
  • Only comingled reports come from brute force Excel scores -1

Data Score: _______

11. Self-Assessment – If you would describe your company as a “Testing Culture,” score 1 below.

  • Aspirations to become a testing culture scores 0
  • Don’t know what a “testing culture” is scores -1

Data Score: _______

Total Score: _______

If your company scored 8 to 11: Congratulations, you have a testing culture!

If you scored 5, 6 or 7, your company is close to creating a testing culture. Stay tuned for tips on how to finish the job of becoming a testing culture.

If your company scored less than 5, you are not alone, and you have some work to do to create a testing culture.

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