Internet Marketing: Community Saves World

How Creating Community Saves The World

Do No Evil

The famous Google directive, “Do No Evil” is true. In a social connected time when this blog post can work its way around the world moments after we COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere) Do No Evil becomes marketing holy writ. Doing the right thing is increasingly the right (i.e. most profitable) thing to do.

Readers of Atlantic BT’s blog know we’ve discussed the “help first, Thank You Economy” trend before in The Commons Revolution and A Rocker, A Brand Doctor and GIVE and ASK at TED.  Many companies and brands are doing more than “no evil”. Brands as different as Tom’s Shoes, Tide and Pepsi are developing marketing that speaks to placing their marketing in a larger “Save The World” and community context. Later today I will be speaking with Ally Greer from and Tim McDonald about how community can save the world (and your brand marketing).

Google Hangout Details

WHAT: Google Hangout LIVE To The Web

WHEN: Friday May 24th

WHO: Me, Ally Greer Community Manager Scoopit, Tim McDonald Community Manager at the Huffington Post, Jonathan Brewer, Director of Awesome at BTC Revolutions

MORE: Find a kind and generous summary of our How Communities Can Save The World.

Community Marketing Questions

Tim and Ally came up with some great questions including:

1. What’s the best way to leverage personal stories in community and marketing efforts?

2. How can you find advocates to help build your community?

3. How do you make sure that your personal connections don’t hinder your professional efforts?

4. How do you keep a distinguished line between community building and marketing when it comes to sharing a message?

5. How can you scale personal anecdotes to build a global community with impact?