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Happy Halloween from Atlantic BT

October 31, 2012

Film expertly shot with a phone by Ryan Shelley (@barnapkins) at our 2012 Pumpkin Chunkin with the only trebuchet in town (that we know of!).

Atlantic BT 2012 Trebuchet Pumpkin Chunkin Event

Atlantic BT Building Pumpkin Chunkin Trebuchet picttureAtlantic BT Pumpkin Chunkin 2012 Jon Takes Control pic
 Atlantic BT Pumkin Chunkin 2012 Group shot Atlantic BT Pumpkin Chunkin 2012 Rachel and Lauren pic
 Atlantic BT Pumpkin Chunkin Girls with trophies picture Atlantic BT Pumpkin Chunkin 2012 Teresa and Colin laughing
 Atlantic BT Pumpkin Chunkin 2012 group picture Atlantic BT Pumpkin Chunkin baby in carrier pic
 video by Ryan Shelley (@barnapkins) photos by Jamie Kahgee (@jkahgee)

Atlantic BT Trebuchet Annual Fall Pumkin ChunkinRead my Pumkin Chunkin Trebuchet siege story from last year.

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