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Gamification White Paper From Atlantic BT

April 16, 2012

Gamification Is Hot

Gamification is the art and science of applying games and game theory to Internet marketing. We live in a world of games. Did you open your frequent flyer statement today? Did you use your Harris Teeter (Or Lucky’s, Kroger or Wegman’s) VIP card today? How close are you to a free coffee at Starbucks? These common games are marketers using game theory to increase and appreciate customer loyalty.

Gamification is HOT because it works. Gamification is also hot, and this is the reason I wrote one of the first Gamification White Papers, because Internet marketers have a new appreciation for loyal customers. So many Internet marketing systems are set to encourage chasing rabbits. The new looks so romantic and thrilling in Google PPC an

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Gamification white paper

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