Atlantic BT’s 3 Internet Marketing Ideas Challenge

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3 Internet Marketing Ideas

Internet marketing may feel complicated these days. Let’s simplify IM down to 3 ideas. Take the Atlantic BT 3 Internet Marketing Ideas Challenge.

I’m just back in the office from the Raleigh Internet Marketing Summit. Over the course of the two day event 2,000 people came to downtown Raleigh, all looking for the next big thing. This post is about 3 Internet marketing ideas that will help you win online:

  • Platforms (with gamification) Beat Websites.
  • Mobile First.
  • More, Faster and Better.

Platforms with Gamification Beat Websites

I wrote about the death of websites on ScentTrail Marketing a year ago. That post quickly became a content “tent pole“. Here is the link to my September 2011 post on ScentTrail Marketing:

Platforms vs. Websites

User Generated Content (UGC) is critical to Internet marketing success. Platforms, if built right, are more social and fun than the one sided lectures that some websites can feel like. Platforms use content management systems (Social CMS) and gamification to create UGC faster and better, better and faster.

Think Mobile First

Don’t think of your phone as “mobile” in this context.

Think of your phone as a game console. Mobile is the key to more, faster and better content distribution and customer engagement (love). Your content and website must lower barriers between YOU and THEM. You need advocates and help.

Read David Edelman’s influential HBR article “Branding in the Digital Age” for more on how your relationship to THEM needs to change.

You may hear “Responsive Website Design”, “Adaptive Website Design” and “Hybrid Mobile Website Design”. Don’t attempt to decipher or understand these terms (is my advice). Think about any marketing with these mobile marketing concepts in mind and worry about labeling later:

  • FAST beats SLOW.
  • Visual beats TEXTUAL.
  • EASY beasts Complicated.
  • On a PHONE, All Content Is LOCAL.
  • On a PHONE, All Content Is SOCIAL.
  • Phones CURATE every other device (laptops, desktops, TVs, game consoles).

Content Marketing – More, Faster Better

I shared my biggest Internet marketing secret not long ago (a post that has become tent pole content too). Here is the link to that post on ScentTrail Marketing:

More and More, Faster and Faster, Better and Better

No matter how much content you create, it isn’t enough.

Don’t be confused; I don’t suggest increasing your content creation frequency just for the heck of it. Pushing more BAD content won’t help. I suggest you square the frequency of content creation because there are some content marketing lessons you only learn when content marketing is going fast, very fast.

Create FAST, watch your content marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and create more, then create better. This winding creation, revision, smarter creation tornado is the only way to create GREAT content. Great content creates new content tent poles, gains followers and makes money.

3 Internet Marketing Ideas Challenge & Free Lunch

We shared our 3 Big Internet marketing ideas, what are yours?

Tweet your ideas to @Atlanticbt or email them to Martin.Smith(at)Atlanticbt(dot)com. We will curate ideas into this piece. The first few who share 3 magical ideas win FREE LUNCH with Atlantic BT on the Friday of their choosing. The 3 Internet Marketing Ideas Challenge ends on Christmas Day.

Deadline: 12.25.2012

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