ABT Hosts Pumpkin Chunkin’ 2016

A Familiar Party with New Goals

On October 21, the legendary Atlantic BT pumpkin party returns. Pumpkin Chunkin’ 2016 has always shown off the creativity and carving ability of ABT’s team of designers and developers. But in recent years, Atlantic BT has set their aims for the autumn party higher. Much higher.


Here’s a GIF representation of what Pumpkin Chunkin’ has to offer.

I’m not sure when carving pumpkins met medieval siege weaponry, but I’m glad ABT did it,” said Hap Wiggins, “I love cheering on the throw to see how far it goes (or doesn’t), and the splat is supremely satisfying.”

Speaking of records, the Atlantic BT team competed for a variety of pumpkin-carving awards: Scariest, Best Unlit, Funniest, Bless Your Heart, and the Pumpking (for the best overall). Each received a cash prize of $25, with the Pumpking carver taking home $50.

The winners were:

  • Emily Davidson—Pumpking
  • John Proctor—Funniest
  • Sarah Walker—Best Unlit
  • Joe Hope—Bless Your Heart
  • Eileen Allen—Scariest

The ABT Pumpkin Aeronautics Initiative

While the pumpkin carving contest will always be the centerpiece of Pumpkin Chunkin, the trebuchet launch gathers a lot of attention at the event. To add an analytic angle to this aspect of the event, Senior Marketing Analyst Matt Deal created a specialized style for Pumpkin Chunkin 2016, designating this year The ABT Pumpkin Aeronautics Initiative. Deal explained:

“The campaign was built around Atlantic BT’s genuine love of measurement with the audacious concept of ‘Pumpkin Science.’ I think a lot of tech companies pride themselves on being smart, and we’re no exception.”

Ads and design for the event adopted a faux-science feel, diagramming the physics at work in a shattering pumpkin or illustrating the Newtonian forces that power a trebuchet as it flings a pumpkin. To see more of the trebuchet in action, here’s a video from Pumpkin Chunkin’ 2014:

For those less interested in science jokes, Pumpkin Chunkin 2016 also featured great food, craft beer, and free childcare for parents. As ABT’s Eileen Allen commented:

“There’s something for everyone at Pumpkin Chunkin 2016. Personally, my favorite activity is celebrating my pumpkin winning Scariest Overall, but that’s just me.”

Check Out Images from Pumpkin Chunkin 2016: