5 Internet Marketing Lessons from the Big C

5 Internet Marketing Lessons From the Big C on Atlantic BT blog


What Cancer Teaches About Internet Marketing

In Cancer Sucks Mostly, I shared personal reason why having cancer isn’t all bad. Since I am here writing this thanks to hard working researchers and doctors, we created the Tech Cures Cancer movement and are working on a new crowdfunding platform for cancer researchers, patients, and their friends and families called Cure Cancer Starter. Today’s post is about the 5 lessons cancer teaches about Internet marketing.


Internet Marketing Lesson #1: Be Here Now

After being diagnosed seven years ago, I read a lot. Books by Eckhart Tolle and the Buddhist monk Pema Chodron help focus life on what is happening now. “Live in the moment,” seems a tired cliché, but anxiety about the future and hang-ups from the past waste our most valuable non-renewable asset – TIME.

Internet marketing is happening as I write this. Internet marketing always happens NOW. Your competitor is changing his offer or she is emailing her customers. There is no substitute for presence in this moment. We see several strong Internet marketing trends.

One very important trend is hinges on this reality: The closer you and your Internet marketing are to real time, the more powerful your position. Here are things your Internet marketing should do in real time:

  • Creating social media, especially Twitter.
  • Responding to questions and  comments quickly, no matter how they come in.
  • Curating great content from authorities in your industry.
  • Sharing your creation and curation.
  • Responding to feedback loops created when you share.
  • Responding to competitive threats.

Be here NOW to create great Internet marketing.


Internet Marketing Lesson #2: Ask For Help

I’m an American male. This means several things, including that I don’t like to ask for directions when I am lost and in a car; I love sports, especially football (I played throughout high school); and I don’t willingly ask for help. We see ourselves as rugged pioneer individualists. Of course, our perceptions and reality rarely line up when it comes to honest self-examination (lol).

The reality is that no one does anything alone anymore. The world is too complicated and FAST. We depend on each other. We form teams and connections to create, learn and move forward. Our reality should mean we are comfortable asking for help. Yeah, not so much, as it turns out. I became comfortable asking for help when there wasn’t a choice. I asked for help or I couldn’t do the most basic things. I asked for help or I couldn’t be here writing this.

Internet marketing is too complex and fast and only getting more complex and faster. Try to learn something each day and ask for help. My learning to ask for help and help being so readily available are reasons why I’ve created Free Internet Marketing Consulting Fridays and Saturdays as a way to give back and pay forward.


Internet Marketing Lesson #3: Be GREAT, Worry About Costs Later

You don’t go to the cheapest cancer doctor. Cost never enters the equation. When your life is on the line, you don’t look to shave 10% by showrooming your health care. Those who debate the health care cost equation aren’t sick. The moment they become sick, they will understand the furthest thing from your mind is what your life saving treatment is going to cost.

My life saving treatments has cost a dollar or two, and I don’t care. I do feel like the Six Million Dollar Man. I have a responsibility to do great things to repay being here and being able to speak to you. The perhaps hidden Internet marketing lesson is greatness is important. Only great things survive. Only great ideas are shared.

I’ve NEVER had an Internet marketing idea not create return. Some Internet marketing ideas take longer to return than others, but there is always positive Return On Investment (ROI) in some form. You can’t cost reduce your way to greatness. Greatness requires bold ideas, courageously executed. Life is short, be GREAT or go home; be great or don’t spend a dime on Internet marketing.


Internet Marketing Lesson #4: More and Faster, always MORE and FASTER

Internet marketing is a car race. You tune your car and win today and understand your deal with the devil. The deal is you must continue to tune, tweak and change things to stay on top. You know you will lose, but losing is part of winning. Losing teaches you lessons fast. The bottom line is always the same – MORE, FASTER and Better.


Internet Marketing Lesson #5: Save The World

Most small businesses are stuck in a routine of tasks. Tasks are good, and great customer service comes from any business’s ability to complete tasks, but we serve a higher idea. We work to make a difference, to matter, to love. Every business person reading this post saves the world in some meaningful and measurable way.

Atlantic BT creates great websites. They are so great, and this team so good that I’ve asked for help (again). This time we are going to reinforce what I know to be true – Technology Cures Cancer. I am here thanks to a bio-technology innovation. I’m dependent on yet another one (there is a new drug working its way through FDA approval to treat my leukemia), so Tech Cures Cancer.

Atlantic BT has a long history of saving the world. Jon’s grandfather was one of the inspirations for Habitat for Humanity. The company gives away time, expertise and trust and has been doing so for years. When I shared my vision for the Story of Cancer Foundation, Jon could have said no. He could have explained all the things he and Atlantic BT have already done.

Such a response never occurred to Jon. “How can we help?” was why Atlantic BT is saving the world. How is your company, brand, product or team saving the world? Share your “Save the World” marketing, and we will curate it.


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