25K Grant Contest Launch Date Announced. Are You In?

Hopefully by now you’ve heard about our upcoming Atlantic BT “Gives Back” Grant Contest where one lucky nonprofit will be awarded 25K worth of ABT services to launch a compelling mobile program. It will start with mobile strategy, but may then be mobile marketing, a mobile website or a mobile app!  It all depends on who snags the loot.

Why a mobile-specific grant?  Three reasons. 

1. Robust technology platforms, hubs of most every nonprofit and business, have finally played catch up.  Once only possible from a personal computer, these same abilities have extended to our fingertips.
2. Today’s mobile devices are highly engaging, personal and cheap.  Well, cheap-er anyway.  Growing infrastructure of US broadband access feeds usage,  enabling further reach and greater mobile web use.
3.  Conversations and case studies must go beyond Text2Give and mobile fundraising.  Mobile goes far beyond the ability to give.  This contest will highlight multiple ways – including volunteering, advocacy, program delivery, education, engagement and operational efficiency – among others.

Call it a Mobile Revolution Think Tank! 

Piglets Welcome! Courtesy of

When’s the big day?   Monday April 16th.   (Hey, nothing comes before taxes – right?)

How will it work?  Simple.
From April 16th-May 18th nonprofits will enter directly through our contest site.  You’ll provide basics then share how 25K worth of mobile talent would impact your cause.

What then? 
After initial submissions, an independent panel will select our 12 semi-finalists.  These 12 will be chosen based on thoughtfulness of application, potential mobile grant impact and ability to execute.

Share your story
Creating a brief video, our semi-finalists will share what or who will be impacted by a 25K mobile solutions grant.  We’re not looking for Martin Scorsese here – but humor, heartstrings or piglets are welcome.

Voting Commences
What contest would be complete without a little voting competition to stir the pot?   No worry about lack of ideas, we’ll serve up many examples of how mobile can deliver results over the next several weeks.

The Final Four
The heat really turns up! The top four candidates will be paired up with none other than Atlantic BT talent.  Together these new teams will pitch live! We’ll use social media during this phase like never seen before.

More details and surprises to come..Stay Tuned!

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