Meet Atlantic BT Graphic Design Team (Friday 6-9)

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Glimpse Behind The Creative Curtain

When: Friday 3.30 six pm to 9

Where: Atlantic BT Center across from Macy’s Creedmoor Road, Raleigh
(4509 Creedmoor, 27612)

What: AIGA Graphic Design Studio Open House

Why: Great chance to meet “creatives” throughout the Raleigh and Cary web development and Internet marketing community.


One of the most fascinating tours was seeing behind the curtain at Epcot Center. The chance too walk behind the curtain, or sit in a theater, as Disney Imagineers and team members scurried to do their work was fascinating and we didn’t have a chance to engage in conversation or ask questions.

This Friday’s (March 30th) Raleigh & Cary Studio Open House gives business owners and Internet marketers a chance to peek behind the curtain AND ask questions of some of our areas most talented graphic designers and web developers.

Over a thirty year business career I’ve worked with hundreds of “creatives” including graphic and web designers. I always measure those interactions the same – how much did I learn. I’ve learned more working for Atlantic BT in four months than years working in other shops. Stop by on Friday, meet Creative Director Eileen Allen’s great design team, ask hard questions and have fun.

Many of the Atlantic BT management team will be helping (as stage hands no doubt), so stop by the Atlantic BT Center across from Macy’s Crabtree this Friday for a rare peek behind the creative curtain.


P.S. Don’t forget to REGISTER for the event on the AIGA site.