Social Media Is Important For Your Business

facebook_picIn case you haven’t noticed, the world of business is rapidly changing.  Every day new companies emerge that offer to bring you even closer to your clients. I think we can all agree opening new doors to communicate with your clients is vital to your business.  Sites like: Twitter, Facebook, Yelp might begin as a way to stay connected with friends but they are quickly evolving as a platform for business to network with other business or clients themselves.

The bottom line is, the time is now to start incorporating social media into your business.  We just stumbled on an article that highlights not only how big social media is getting, but why you should be getting big with it.  Did you know, as of the end of 2008, there were over 300 social networking sites according to some reports? Did you know some average as many as 200 million unique users a month?

The fact that businesses of all kinds are jumping on board is not surprising.  According to reports:

“An overwhelming majority (93 percent) of online Americans say companies should have a social-media presence, and 85 percent believe these companies also should be interacting with consumers through social media, according to research from Cone, writes MarketingCharts.”

Ninety-three percent of online Americans all can’t be wrong.  The good news is, it’s not hard to at least incorporate some social networking or social media into your business plan.  Many are free, easy to use and require minimal upkeep to stay connected with those that visit the pages.  I think the question you should be asking yourself isn’t whether or not you should start doing it, rather, the question is, what are you waiting for?